Runswell Machinery ran by Dave Brew has been operating on the mountain for the last 26 years. He started by selling and servicing generators, mowers, whipper snipers and chainsaws along with other farm equipment. Runswell now deal only with generator hire and sales.

A lot has changed over the past 26 years, have a look at some old photos going back to 1990.


1989: Dave Brew back where it all started doing a few repairs for locals in his tiny shed at Spencer, NSW.





1990: After meeting local Bill Bennett and doing a handshake deal on about $40 a week rent, Dave moves to Bloodtree Road, Mangrove Mountain sharing the space with Tony Bennett Engineering.




1993: Dave rents out The Old Oak at Peats Ridge where he sells mowers, chainsaws, whipper snippers, generators etc. Photo above of Dave and daughter Samantha.



 Dave putting on a show of equipment and demonstrating at a local field day.





Mid 90s: Dave with good friend Jukka Kempi who was part of the Runswell journey and sweated under many a ride-on mower or two in the early days.



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Late 90s:Runswell down on a site at Jindabyne, NSW with a couple of good mates. Ian “Macca” Mcleod, Terry Starkey and Oswald “Sunny” Ridge at work removing a 250KVA Volvo generator from a motel.