Generator hire is essential when planning an outdoor wedding. There are lots of things to consider like lighting, food and music. Hiring the appropriate generator is important as you need the right amount of power to run everything without breaking down.

The chart below shows what you need to take into consideration when organizing an outdoor wedding.

1000 watts equal 1KVA.

Appliances Rated Watts
LED Fairy Lights 100-400 depending on quantity
LED Dance Floor 4500
Leko Light (Patterned Globe) 500-750
Double Flood Lights 500
Stand Heater 2000
DJ Sound Gear 400-1000
Karaoke 1200
Band Sound Gear 400-1000
Mobile Cool Room 4000
Food Warmer 1200-2500
Frozen Cocktail Machine 500
Smoke Machine 1000
Fairy Floss Machine 1500

Most Popular

Kubota SQ3300Our most popular generator for your basic wedding with lighting, music and food is our Kubota 20KVA .
Kubota’s are a top quality generator brand, they are simple to use and won’t let you down
These units are super quiet and will run all day and night. They are mobile units which are fitted to the back of a trailer and are ready to go.



IMG_3955You are going to need to add in accessories to your hire, extensions leads can keep the generator a good distance away from the function as well as cable tracking which covers the leads where people are walking.

Distribution boards are also available to plug in several different appliances.



When organizing your special day always think of Runswell Machinery for all your generator needs. We have been in the business for over 25 years and work alongside businesses such as Somersby Gardens Estate, The Party Hire Company and Prestige Party Hire. We are extremely experienced in dealing with weddings and functions and are always happy to answer any questions you have.